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Kashan with an area of 9647 square kilometer and a population of 335875 peopel is a suburb of Isfahan province , and a second - populated city in this province . Kashan has four districts (Central , Ghamsar , Niasar and Barzok) and five cities (Kashan , Ghamsar , Niasar , Josheghan and Barzok) .
It is not surprising that Kashan is one of the first centers of human civilization establishment . According to archeological excavations on sialk Hills of Kashan , precedent of human presence in this region backs to 5 to 7 thousands years BC .
But it shall be admitted that the history of this city is full of disorganizations . In the second half of ninth and firest half of tenth centuries , Kashan had gained in popularity and was a populated city , but an earthquake in tenth century ruined Kashan and its bazaar .In the eleventh century and during Safavids era , Kashan gained the same degree of improvement and like Isfahan .
Native language of kashan is persian . But in suburban villages of Kashan Tati and Raieji dialects , originating from Dari persian language , are spoken .